The Creative Economy: Building a Nation With Ideas | Nathaniel Lewis

How about we turn to paint brushes, film stock, sheet music, fabric, needles and software programming to further develop the nation. It is with imagination, innovation, and ingenuity that we can get the economy moving forward, the society upward and the people onward.

Nathaniel Prince Lewis is a Bahamian film producer actor, screenwriter, director, social-entrepreneur, poet and author.

In 2009, he participated in the Bahamas National Youth Parliament and was elected Deputy Speaker by his peers. That same year, he also successfully authored his first book, “Triumph: Poetic Expressions of Success”.

In the summer of 2011, he produced the award-winning short film, Politicking in Paradise, which won best Bahamian short at inaugural Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival’s offshore screening on Grand Bahama Island. He went on to produce the short film, Frapper Avec Amour, which earned its world premiere screening in Florida having been selected to screen in competition at the 28th annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival in October, 2013.

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