How the ocean can inspire a nation | Nikita Shiel-Rolle

Effective conservation requires a holistic and integrated approach. Using the connectivity of the ocean as an example Conservation Biologist Nikita Shiel-Rolle explains how studying coral reefs inspired the idea to create a non-profit organisation, Young Marine Explorers, that has adopted an “ocean” or holistic approach to conservation. Young Marine Explorers uses the ocean as its medium to foster the development of academic excellence and critical thinking skills within youth from under-served communities; inspiring youth to become the future leaders whom will address the social, economic, and environmental challenges within their country.

Awarded the 2015 Bahamian Icon Award for Youth Development, Nikita Shiel-Rolle has a deep passion for the ocean, exploration, and education coupled with her love for The Bahamas, which has shaped her goals as a conservation biologist.

She co-produced WAVES, a documentary about conservation and social change in The Bahamas. Additionally, she co-authored “Islands of the Sun: A Tribute To The Northern Exuma Cays” which features her photography.

She founded Young Marine Explorers during her undergraduate career at University of Miami. As a Zoological Society of London EDGE Fellow, Nikita developed the framework for a youth driven citizen science coral monitoring program in The Bahamas. Her innovative approach drew international attention and is currently featured in a documentary that is part of a major coral reef exhibit at the Natural History Museum of London.

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