TEDx14 Videos

Bright Minds: Illuminating Education Via STEM | Trenicka Rolle

In this talk, Trenicka considers the future of The Bahamas’ citizenry if the nation begins to invest heavily in STEM education. She reflects on the fact that many of the world’s largest economies are placing emphasis on STEM education and concludes that it is because those nations recognize that the source of talent and innovation […]

Reading Makes a Nation Great | Jehan Unwala

In this talk, Jehan informs the audience of the growing body of scientific evidence that reading for pleasure leads to academic, economic, and civic success. He also discusses simple steps each of us can take to help shift cultures toward embracing reading. Jehan Unwala believes that creating a peaceful and prosperous Bahamas starts with creating […]

Four Dimensional Love | Dr. Sam Heastie

Of the four love types, spiritual fulfillment is the one that’s wanted most but pursued least, by both men and women. The talk explains that spiritual fulfillment is the greatest love of all – the one that transcends all challenges in romantic relations through the transformation of loving unconditionally. This talk demonstrates how to have […]

Colonialism, development, and imagination | Joseph Gaskins Jr.

Joey Gaskins Jr. is a political and social commentator, sociology lecturer, and a communication and policy strategist with strong progressive values. A native of Freeport, Grand Bahama, and a Warrior, attending Freeport Anglican High School, where he graduated as Class President and Head Boy in 2003.

Fighting corruption for development | Lemarque Campbell

Lemarque received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology. He subsequently received a Postgraduate Diploma in Diplomacy from the University of Malta and obtained a Master of Arts degree in Law, from the University of Bristol, England. Following this, Lemarque completed the Bar Professional Training Course at Nottingham Law School, England. He was admitted to […]

Life is a bookshelf — are you going to leave something on it? | Katarvia Taylor

A language and travel enthusiast, she has lived in various countries in Latin America and Europe and speaks Spanish, French, and German.  Katarvia has a Bachelor’s degree in French, German, and Latin American Studies from Georgetown University and a Master of Science in Information Systems Technology from the George Washington University School of Business where […]

Soil | Luckner Timothee

Luckner Timothee is a full time farmer and Gaia warrior who stumbled into farming 5 years ago after not knowing a thing about growing anything. Since then he has educated himself in various ways, especially through trial and error and is constantly refining his growing methods. His passion and purpose is about preserving the soil […]

How the ocean can inspire a nation | Nikita Shiel-Rolle

Effective conservation requires a holistic and integrated approach. Using the connectivity of the ocean as an example Conservation Biologist Nikita Shiel-Rolle explains how studying coral reefs inspired the idea to create a non-profit organisation, Young Marine Explorers, that has adopted an “ocean” or holistic approach to conservation. Young Marine Explorers uses the ocean as its […]

What If I chose to not be true to myself? | Timico (SawYerBoy) Sawyer

In this talk, Timico uses the medium of his comedy videos to impart valuable life lessons to his audience of high school students. Timico ‘SawYerBoy’ Sawyer is a comedian, vlogger, and social media sensation based in Nassau, Bahamas. He only recently began his career in the entertainment industry releasing his first video on Mother’s Day […]

The Creative Economy: Building a Nation With Ideas | Nathaniel Lewis

How about we turn to paint brushes, film stock, sheet music, fabric, needles and software programming to further develop the nation. It is with imagination, innovation, and ingenuity that we can get the economy moving forward, the society upward and the people onward. Nathaniel Prince Lewis is a Bahamian film producer actor, screenwriter, director, social-entrepreneur, […]